When defining the Remodel Specifications for your project, the more detail and specific direction that are defined:

  • the more valid your bid

  • the more accurate your timeline to completion

  • the more power you have to manage your investment

Gail creates exhaustively comprehensive individual Specification binders for each remodel project. A frequently updated Specification binder ensures that all parties have a clear and accurate road map for the project.

Binder content includes:

  1. The requirements for each room in minute detail
  2. Precise measurements and location of all materials, appliances, and fixtures
  3. Any additional instructions for installation
  4. Delivery dates
  5. All layouts/diagrams relevant for contractor/sub-contractors

Sample of a Table of Contents page from a Specification binder. This illustrates the level of detail and documented updates that ensure schedule control and comprehensive installation management.

About Provanti Designs

Provanti founder Gail Monica Dent is an Interior Designer on a mission. Armed with an MBA and a time-tested and proven project management approach guided by the 5 Essential Keys™ she is out to remake the way we remodel. This proven project management approach saves clients money, reduces mistakes, avoids delays, provides for efficient scheduling, frees up the contractor to focus on his areas of genius, and lays the foundation for ultimate project success. At Provanti Designs, Gail is committed to easing the initial homeowner concerns with care, creativity, and competence. She takes projects from functional beginnings to fabulous results with grace, ease and confidence.