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Homeowners who prefer to remodel rather than move are luxuriating in custom kitchens, spa bathrooms, and complete home makeovers created to suit their specific and personal design sensibilities and desires. The creative talents and construction management experience of Interior Designer Gail Monica Dent lend savvy and creative savoir faire to projects big and small. Most importantly, these qualities and qualifications offer valued clients confidence and peace of mind that creative and practical matters are finessed with exacting care to meet and exceed their high expectations.
It’s not uncommon for clients to feel overwhelmed about project scope, worried about the budget, and confused about all the decisions to be made. Gail eases those concerns with care, creativity, competence and common sense so projects can proceed to functional and fabulous results with grace, ease and confidence.

Interior Designer with an MBA on a Mission: Remaking the Way We Remodel

Having overseen the creation of four of her own custom homes across the country and designed and managed the construction of dozens of significant client projects since 2002, Gail is in her element when she is applying a masterful blend of creative, analytical, and project management skills to create ultimate results that bring smiles all around.
As passionate as she is about color, texture, materials, and style, she is equally concerned about functionality, process, and budget. This rather unusual combination of strengths is among the qualities and characteristics that set her apart. Her attentive listening to what is said and unsaid helps Gail paint the picture that resides in the mind’s eye of each client. Bringing each project to life in exquisite detail with sound project management is her highest priority.

Gail’s masterful and specific planning before the launch of each project circumvents misunderstandings, cost overruns and the potential for disappointments.
In a field in which stories of remodels gone wrong are legion, Gail’s actions and consistently great results are guided by her abiding belief that remodeling should be fun and rewarding for all.

Before everything else, getting ready is the secret of success.’ — Henry Ford

‘No Drama, No Trauma’ Remodeling

In addition to her creative flair and design genius, Gail’s “no drama, no trauma” project management philosophy and her well-honed project management, organization, and status/budget reporting skills are among the qualities that clients rave the most about.

“Gail cares about the budget. She wants to maximize the functionality and the look for the investment being made.”

“Gail is a problem solver and solution generator.”

“Gail is a Godsend.”

“Gail provides each client a vision of their new space that expresses their taste and style and provides a great design experience.”

Working with passion, conviction, and exacting attention to detail and project flow, Gail listens carefully and acts with thoughtful and measured deliberation to meet and exceed expectations for functional, fabulous spaces. Ever the pragmatist, Gail is also mindful about keeping each client’s investment in line with what makes sense for their neighborhood.

Perfect Fit Finishes and Materials and a Wow Result to Suit Your Style

Whether clients prefer a Pacific Northwest look, traditional or European styling, or a motif that reflects distinct, contemporary flair, Gail delights in researching perfect fit finishes and materials to bring about a *wow* ultimate result and a smooth process throughout.

Each project is guided by the 5 Essential Keys™

This time-tested and proven project management approach saves clients money, reduces mistakes, avoids delays, provides for efficient scheduling, frees up the contractor to focus on his areas of genius, and lays the foundation for ultimate project success.
Each key step builds on the next so that expectations are set and met at every turn. Gail is happy to collaborate with each client’s choice of contractor or to partner with tried-and-proven contractors with whom she already enjoys great relationships.

‘Let’s make any necessary trade-offs before we lift a hammer.’– Gail Monica Dent

The fixed, contracted project price is clear and firm, offering an additional measure of comfort for all.

Gail – The Personal Side

Digging in the dirt (also known as gardening) and boating along the waters of the San Juan Islands, Desolation Sound and beyond are favorite ways for Gail to relax and enjoy life. When not overseeing design projects for herself or her clients, she is happiest in her kayak, paddling around the coves of the Pacific Northwest.

To Bring Your Remodeling Dream Alive Today

If Gail’s thoughtful, creative, and systematic approach is a fit for your style, please connect to schedule a complimentary appointment at your home to discuss your remodel plans. She looks forward to meeting with you.

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