Refrigerator Features – What’s next?

New Refrigerators: What will they think of next? This summer GE launched their all new Café Series Energy Star French Door Refrigerator with a Hot Water Dispenser! We are used to access to cold water on the door and now GE makes it easy to have hot water on the door! Let me know what you think? Is this going to take off and be adapted by other manufacturers?

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Kitchen Remodel – Find your focal point

Kitchen Remodel: When we start working on the design of a remodel project one of our first questions is, “What do you want the focal point to be?”. With this kitchen remodel the client’s answer was, “the view”. With enlarged windows in this all new kitchen, the view definitely eye candy!
Provanti Designs - Kitchen Window-AFTER
Kitchen Window-AFTER

Bathroom Storage Design

Bathroom Storage: Everyone wants more storage with easy access. Take a look at this wonderful storage improvement for a master bathroom. Custom cabinets by Baywood Cabinets and design by Provanti Designs.
Provanti Designs - Linen Closet-AFTER
Linen Closet-BEFORE

Toilets – New & Improved!

Toilets – New & Improved: You always hear that we need to use less water, but who is trying to make toilets easier to clean? Mansfield Plumbing introduced “Cascade” a rimless toilet that uses 1.28 gpf. Now that solves the cleaning the rim issue.

The Medicine Cabinet is Back

The Medicine Cabinet is Back – and better than ever before. Robern (a division of Kohler) has a wide array of beautiful with innovative solutions. Features may include electrical outlets, dimmable lighting, integrated TV’s and even cold storage! The medicine cabinet will never be the same again! robern-c-series-cabinets
Robern: C Series Cabinet

Experience Pebbles in Your Bathroom

I have always been a big fan of pebbles and have spec’d them more than once for bathrooms, but have yet to convince a client to actually say yes. Mosaic pebbles come meshed mounted for easier installation. They are available in a variety of colors and sizes. And for those who can’t quite get used to the spa feel of walking/standing on smooth rounded pebbles – there is even a “flat-cut” pebble mosaic. Enjoy viewing these pebble ideas for the bath as shown in Houzz. And if you are ready to put them into your bath – give me a call.

contrasting tile niches and a touch of color modern bathroom
modern bathroom design by san francisco architect Michael Tauber Architecture

Queen Anne condo kitchen remodel

Here is a great photo summary of a condo kitchen remodel completed for a young, professional couple in Queen Anne (see project ‘D’ ).
Construction – Nip Tuck Remodeling 

Kitchen Design – Provanti Designs

Photo Credit- April Bettinger


The Pleasure of Arts Fair shopping

Every year we have the best time wandering through Bellevue Arts Fair. Viewing all the displays, talking with the artisans and gathering business cards for future reference. This year, I fell in love with a bowl from Firedance Design (Eureka, CA). The colors and design are just right for the kitchen and it adds a splash of summer fun!

Firedance Design (Eureka, CA)
Eliminate The Chaos

Remodeling your home is one major aspect of a new room, Re-evaluating your stuff is equally important.

It is easy to get caught up in the happiness of a remodeled room. The thought of new tile, updated appliances, fresh colors, attractive faucets and a great design are all very exciting. Most of us focus on the selections and decisions that need to be made to accomplish the new look and function of the new room.

Over time while working with many clients, I have learned that there is another vital step to every remodel. That step is to re-evaluate all your “stuff”. Anything that is not structurally part of your home falls into the category of personal possessions or stuff. And most of us have lots of stuff; some of which you have even forgotten you own. Do you still want it? Do you still need it?

Eliminate Chaos written by Laura Leist, founder of the company by the same name, focuses on The 10-Step Process to Organize Your Home & Life. Laura’s thoughtfully-written book takes you through the steps, process and rational that will bring orderly life back into your home. Think how refreshing it will feel to walk into a remodeled room, but to live in an orderly and organized one as well.

You can learn more about the services of Eliminate Chaos at their website.
This book is available at major book stores and